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Exec Navy

Broad and elegant, the BLUNT Exec is perfect for business, and those whose business it is to keep others dry.

The largest full-length street umbrella in the Blunt™ range, with a stylish handle strap, the Exec is big enough for at least two people making it perfect for rainy morning coffee runs or lunchtime meetings out of the office.

Please note: Comes with a matching carry sleeve. Light grey colour canopy pictured with the models is not available to purchase

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138 cm


95.4 cm



unique silhouette

Thanks to our unique, stylised design, you'll know a Blunt™ when you see a Blunt™

Blunt Exec
Blunt Exec

no more spikes

Enjoy a safer umbrella with Blunt's patented smooth-edge Blunt Tips.

the BLUNT Exec straight from our instagram

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