Care + Repair

Your BLUNT is made to last

At Blunt™ we’re focused on leading change when it comes to the environment. Our mission is to promote the adoption and everyday use of reusable products and that does mean we try to repair our products before we replace them.

Every Blunt™ comes with a two-year global warranty so if you think your Blunt™ needs a repair please contact us at

If it’s an easy fix and you’re keen to roll up your sleeves, we can send you new parts to fix your Blunt™ yourself along with step by step instructions. Simply get in touch via the above email.

We also think you are pretty magic for making sure your Blunt™ is the only umbrella you’ll need.


BLUNT Care Tips

handy tip #1
Blunt™ umbrellas feature high-performance, highly tensioned canopies. To ease the opening process of your new Blunt™, leave it open overnight when you first buy it.

handy tip #2
To maintain that easy-open action, wipe the shaft clean from time to time and rub a very light layer of petroleum jelly, or 'Vaseline', onto it. (We don't mean for it to sound so dodgy, honest.)

handy tip #3
Rid the canopy of bird poo and rain marks by cleaning it with a damp cloth or soft brush

handy tip #4
Avoid dragging the canopy edge along the ground as this might damage it.

handy tip #5
The Blunt™ Tips follow a robust design, but if one does become detached by accident, just push it back into place.